lways learning and creating, I love the adventure of taking a risk on something I'm passionate about. My risk taking journey started the last year of college when my best friend and I decided to write about our experience as student leaders hoping to help others with their process. It worked. Students of Life sold thousands of copies.

After leaving Wall Street to pursue the world of startups I decided to explore my interest in storytelling, something that has always been in my heart but never at the forefront of my daily work. I co-wrote Death of the Diva a comedic musically infused one-woman show, where Amanda Seales challenges pop culture’s portrayal of women one hilarious character at a time. I co-wrote, directed and produced a short film. The story centered around a New Orleans flood survivor relocating to New York City. Into Focus premiered in New York the summer of 2013.

My photography and directing experience gave me the opportunity to explore Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in 2013. It was there that I created a photo exhibition/philanthropy concept called Uma Bola. It portrays children of the Vidigal favela in Rio de Janeiro participating in a soccer program. This venture was particularly fulfilling.

The experience I gained bartending in Brazil led to my current position as part owner Market manager for Drifter Spirits where I implement our business development tactics across the East Coast of USA. Continuing my devotion to service I joined Artists Making Changes, to promote the creative and intellectual growth of underprivileged children by providing art workshops in Cuba and Dominican Republic.

Whatever led you here please feel free to reach out.

  • Business Development & Sales Strategy
  • Financial Analysis & Data Science
  • Social Media Marketing & Branding
  • Photography & Film Production
  • New Media & Data Science
  • Visual Arts & Story Telling
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Community Service & Travel
  • Skype

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